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Planning tool for streamers

You have better to do than spend more than 5 minutes doing your planning each week. StreamPlanner is for you!


A tool for streamers thought by a streamer

Create, personalize and manage your schedule according to your desires.

  • Simple

    Preview in real time your changes to get the desired result

  • Customizable

    Thanks to more than 110 personalization parameters, get a schedule in line with your design

  • Fast

    No need to spend hours every week doing your schedule

  • Convenient

    Integrate the planning in your stream layout and your social networks

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Perfect toolbox for streamers

Stream integration

Integrate your schedule in your overlay and make it appear your Stream Deck®

PNG Export

Export your schedule as PNG to share it with your community on social networks


Adapt the design of your schedule according your needs thanks to the themes.

Display what you want

Choose the number of days, the start time, the end time, and so on.

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It's Free !

The purpose of StreamPlanner is to provide everyone with access to a free planning tool.

This project is developed during stream sessions, the features can take some time to be released. However, if you need an ‘emergency’ feature, contact me and we’ll set up an estimated cost for your feature together.

This project being developed mostly during stream session, the features can go out to the tastes account. However, if you need an 'emergency' feature, contact me and we'll set up a quote for your feature together.

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The developer

StreamPlanner is a project developed largely live on Twitch, by one person.

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Being a streamer, at my level, and developer, I decided to try to code live on Twitch, my overlay. After about ten hours, I finally have my layout.

Driven by this success, and the small craze of the code in stream, I decided to do more often live code and I started a second project: integrate a schedule overlay, basic image created on Photoshop , like many of my "colleagues", but between us it's boring ...

So I go to the next level, a database, more thant 3000 lines of code and here I have my schedule integrated into my live!

After several discussions with other streamers, I realize that there is no tool and that there is a potential in what I did for my overlay.

I decided to create StreamPlanner, a fully customizable planning manager specialized in streaming!

If you have a problem, an idea or a question

Contact me

You can join the discord to chat with other users. Whatever the platform, I will try to answer you as soon as possible.